Tanja Nijboer

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New toolbox to easily and fully analyse data from any cancellation test you like: CancellationTools website. Valuable for neglect research and diagnostics as well as measuring organisation of search, timing, attention allocation and span, executive control, and working memory

Special issue 'Novel insights in Rehabilitation of Neglect', Frontiers in Human Neuroscience:

Website Center of Excellence Rehabilitation Medicine:  http://www.dehoogstraat.nl/onderzoek-innovatie

(Dutch) Website of Neuropsychology Utrecht: http://www.neuropsychologie.nl/

Brain Center UMC Utrecht: http://umcutrechthersencentrum.nl/

Brain Center Rudolf Magnus: http://research.umcutrechthersencentrum.nl/


Dutch Catherine Bergego scale - standardized checklist to detect presence and degree of unilateral neglect during observation of everyday life situations

Frontiers E-book Novel insights in rehabilitation of neglect


Interview with the Algemeen Dagblad, (22-12-2007) Weekend Wetenschap, on Brightness agnosia (in Dutch, deel 1, deel 2)

NTR, Wetenschap 24, Pavlov TV (Dutch TV), September 2012, Synesthesia